Journey with Mai through BEYOGMOS

eimage_Specimen_MaiNguyenLong2013BEYOGMOS is Mai Nguyen Long’s new exhibition of work at Wollongong Art Gallery, opening February 28 and continuing to May 25. Curated by writer Gina Fairley, the exhibition also offers a two day workshop with Mai on creating a personal “spirit map”.

Beyogmos reveals how far Mai has journeyed since her controversial experiences at Casula Powerhouse, described in Chapter 29 of Passion Purpose Meaning – Arts Activism in Western Sydney. There she found herself confronting questions of Vietnamese and Australian identity and meaning.

Beyogmos will be opened by Toby Chapman, assistant curator, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Everyone is welcome to attend a conversation between artist and curator, March 5.

Image: Mai Nguyen-Long, Specimen, 2013 – used jars, found and mixed media objects, organic material, liquid, dimensions variable. (image courtesy the artist and NG Art Gallery.)

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