Jason Wing works with Cabramatta High School students

Jason Wing is an artist in residence working at Cabramatta High School as part of Fresh AIR the NSW implementation of Artist in Residence, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts. Highly regarded and sometimes controversial, Jason’s work often draws on his Chinese and Aboriginal heritage. He spent his formative years in Cabramatta, where he began as a street artist. His work now also incorporates photo media, installation and painting.

Two other artist are currently working with Fairvale and Merrylands High School students. Later in the year, as part of this collaborative program, the three artists will swap places between the different schools.

In 2013, Jason participated in The Native Institute exhibition at Blacktown Arts Centre, where artists of indigenous descent reflected on the experiences of children held at the centre and the families from which they were mostly taken. The Blacktown Institute opened in 1823, when children were transferred from Parramatta Native Institute, opened by Governor Macquarie in 1814.

Jason’s response was a poignant installation (within arms reach), which evoked  campsites of parents outside the institute fences, waiting for a glimpse of their children.


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