Sleepers Awake heralds development of Bungarribee Parklands

Sleepers Awake @ Bungarribee by Heather and Ivan Morison, Blacktown, NSWSleepers Awake was a week long performance program centred around a great lunar inflatable sphere created by international artists Ivan and Heather Morison. Each evening, from May 17 to May 25, as the sun set, the ethereal sphere rose over Bungarribee Parklands, signalling the start of an art and performance program involving participants from across western and metropolitan Sydney.

Sleepers Awake heralded the transformation of a vacant site in the Blacktown area of the Western Sydney Parklands to a new 200 hectare park and community hub. Already there are gravel walk and cycle paths, a popular off-leash dog run, opportunities for bird watching and space for major events. Sleepers Awake was a C3West project commissioned by the MCA and the Western Sydney Parklands Trust.

Community Performance at Sleepers Awake @ Bungarribee by Heather and Ivan Morison, Blacktown, NSWThe Western Sydney Parklands, comprising Eastern Creek, Prospect, Horsley Park and Hoxton Park open and special space corridors, was first identified in the 1968 Sydney Region Outline Plan. The NSW Government’s Western Sydney Parklands Act, 2006, formalised the boundaries of the park and created a trust for its future management. Set in the heart of Western Sydney, the Western Sydney Parklands comprise 5280 hectares that stretch 27km from Blacktown in the north to Leppington in the south. It is 16 times the size of Sydney’s Centennial Parklands.

Left, a member of Circaholics Anonymous entertains with a spectacular flaming torch on the final night of Sleepers Awake.

Images – Miguel Olmo, Blacktown Arts Centre


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