SBS Radio offers insight into Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra

Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra - 6 of 14 membersIn an interview with SBS Radio before the launch of the Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra, each of the accredited musicians offered profound insight into their participation. They play without sheet music or script. Someone begins to play and the others improvise. Founder and music director Richard Petkovic says

“What I’m trying to do is create a music and a show that can change the chemistry of the people listening. So not their passive listening, but I want them to be engaged in a different way so, when they leave the show, they can feel that something inside of them has changed, has transformed, and so they’ve received something from the show that’s universal.”

When the musicians first met, they say, everybody talked about their refugee experiences, their music and what things were most sacred to them. A bond developed, and a chamber orchestra was born. Click on the link for the full transcript of the interviews Music of the World in a Corner of Sydney.

The orchestral concert was the opening event of the fourth Sydney Sacred Music Festival, which continues to September 21.



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