Heritage and high rise to animate North Parramatta

1-Parramatta North proposal 2NSW Premier Mike Baird has declared the North Parramatta Heritage Precinct to be state significant to fast-track the planning process. Proposals for Parramatta as an  international tourism destination with high density urban living enriched by the adaptive re-use of historic buildings are now taking serious shape. Click here for detail.

The image, above, has emerged from the latest round of community and industry consultations conducted by Urban Growth NSW. It suggests a proposed arrangement of new buildings, in white, in relation to heritage buildings in North Parramatta – the colonial Parramatta Female Factory, Parramatta Girls Home, the old Parramatta Gaol and Cumberland Hospital. The site is part of 146 hectares owned by the NSW Government which includes the Old King’s School, Parramatta Park and Old Government House, currently  undergoing review in the development of a Framework Master Plan for North Parramatta.

Community pressure to retain the sites has constantly confronted issues of enormous cost. The NSW Government recently endorsed urban renewal proposals for the site, which offer a way to pay for conservation and provide housing for 15,000 people. Six thousand new apartments in blocks up to 30 storeys high are planned for the North Parramatta site and the creation of 2000 new jobs.

While there are reservations about the impact of development heights on heritage buildings, there is optimism that the sites will now be animated by people and stories. Convenor of the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct: Memory Project, Bonney Djuric is encouraged by the planning process. For updates and input click here.

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