The Merchant of Venice

From Ian Zammit, artistic director Emu Heights Theatre Company:

It’s done! “The Merchant of Venice” has wrapped with an ovation- inducing performance last Saturday night.
Wonderful reviews are being received for the for the production – including this wonderful reflection from Sam Schroder, Head Teacher of English at Bossley Park High School. Read and relive “Merchant” brought to the Joan this year.

Merchant - court scene


I have read, taught, and marked HSC responses to William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, but I have never seen it performed.

Last week I received a lovely email from Emu Heights Theatre Company, offering me two free tickets to see their production. I jumped at the chance as there were tickets available on one of our very rare, free Saturday nights.

And so, last night, we found ourselves in the third row (!!!) in fantastic seats, in my first ever experience of being ‘comped’ for a show.

The Merchant of Venice is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s comedies, but it is often talked about, at least in my teacher circles, as being more of a tragedy, courtesy of Shylock’s ‘hath not a Jew’ soliloquy. However, both the Director, Ian Zammit’s notes, and my actual audience experience last night, proved the comedy claim correct. There were many, many laugh out loud moments. This was a clear intention by…

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