Dance and film remember the impact of war and resistance

1-NZDC Rotunda HERO Landscape Hi Res Photo by John McDermott L1000135The theme of war and its impact continues this week in dance, film and discussion. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13, at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, is New Zealand Dance Company’s Rotunda.

The unique production evokes the rotundas that were such a feature of popular entertainment in parks in Australia and New Zealand in the early 20th century. (There’s one in Prince Alfred Park, just across Market St from the theatres and adjacent to the war memorial.) Rotunda combines the strident sound of the traditional brass band – this time City of Holroyd Brass Band – with dramatic contemporary dance and a strong Maori influence. Rotunda tells the story of those who stayed to care for home and country while fearing the news that might come from the battle front of the 1915 ANZAC Gallipoli campaign. Photo above by John McDermott.

Rotunda continues to Saturday, May 16. Riverside Theatres is calling for names of the fallen, the survivors who returned from World War 1, and the women who served at home. Each name received will be projected on a commemorative veil in the theatre prior to each performance of Rotunda. Click here for bookings and to share your family story.

1-ICE_Palestine_Final-rev1-WebOn the following Sunday, May 17, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) in partnership with the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine, will present an evening of film and discussion curated by the Arab Film Festival Australia. Palestine – Commemorating the Catastrophe 1948, is an evening of screenings, memories and media representations offering different perspectives on Al Nakba, 67 years ago.

Patrick Abboud, reporter and producer of The Feed (SBS2), hosts a program which includes the 1967 TV documentary Days Of Destiny by Australian filmmaker John Dixon, courtesy of Channel Nine, reporting on the Six Day War from a distinctly Western perspective. In sharp contrast is the 2007 feature documentary Leila Khaled Hijacker, above, by Palestinian-Swedish filmmaker Lina Makboul, about the woman who became the icon of Palestinian resistance, both courted and vilified by the media. In addition there will be a filmed interview of Palestinian elders, a couple now living in Australia.

Point of View takes place from 5pm to 8pm, at ICE – 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta
Tickets: $10 + booking fee (includes light refreshments) – bookings essential.

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