Help present Parramatta heritage postcards to the Premier

NPRAG - postcard campaignA lighthearted invitation with serious intent will see 5000 postcards delivered to Premier Mike Baird and planning minister Rob Stokes at NSW Parliament House, on Thursday morning, November 19, at 11am. This will be the final parliamentary sitting day for 2015. Although organised in less than two weeks, North Parramatta Residents’ Action Group has been thrilled by the number of people stepping forward eager to distribute and sign cards. The card asks the leaders –

“The cradle of our modern nation’s future is in your hands. What will your legacy be? Visionary or second best for the West? Please stop the PNUT rezoning proposal for six months and let’s work together to realise the community’s holistic master plan with arts, learning and tourism at its heart.  No residential high-rise for the Cumberland Precinct (our Fleet Street Heritage Precinct) in Parramatta.”

Organisers are asking for a minimum of six months pause to allow time for a community masterplan for the 39 hectares of public land in North Parramatta to be drawn up. A well-attended symposium on October 12 laid the foundations for this masterplan. The site includes the world heritage worthy convict Parramatta Female Factory Precinct which will be deeply compromised by the current UrbanGrowth NSW proposals.

They say, “Santa himself will be making this special delivery to Macquarie Street so we ask you all to wear something festive as well, Santa hat, maybe tinsel wrapped around your neck, or a helpful little elf from the north pole. We want to stand out as we are expecting great media coverage!! We encourage anyone also campaigning for the government to stop the sell off of public lands to private use to join us on this day.”

NPRAG - postcard campaign 2


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