CONVICT packs a powerful punch

Congratulations to George Basha and David Field, co-directors and lead actors, on their latest film Convict. Written and developed with passion and sincerity, Convict¬† has an underlying message that is clearly antiviolence. It also appeals for understanding of the traumas and dilemmas faced by an Australian born soldier fighting an enemy in a country akin to his family’s homeland. I admired¬†The Combination and now Convict made primarily in the old Parramatta Gaol and which I saw January 22. With a strong cast Convict is high energy and makes fantastic use of the gaol’s grim setting. It has, however, a cartoonish quality in its repetitive violent imagery and script. George knows his audience and they responded enthusiastically.¬†Riverside has twice extended the season, but with a more nuanced approach, George deserves to reach a wider audience.