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11 thoughts on “Join in

    • Fantastic reflexion on a very wet, sodden day. Quiet interesting to see the height of Parramatta River crossing O’Connell Bridge photos of the old David Jones Car park -flooding & weir show the volume of the waters following.


      • Thanks Leslie. I was so busy battling the elements struggling through the rain with signs that I forgot to look at the river! Saw it later in photos. It was pretty amazing – and Premier Mike Baird wants transfer the Powerhouse Museum to the old David Jones Car Park!


  1. Western Sydney Frontier
    Arts activism in western Sydney with Katherine Knight..what a great work..what’s left from all civilizations is art I live in Rome &you’ve done this for Australia not for yourself…congratulation.


  2. Hi Katherine,

    My name is Natalie and I am currently writing a honours thesis about art in west and south west Sydney for my B. art theory/history. I grew up in south west Sydney, so interest in this topic is driven by personal experience and the desire to expand my practice and understanding.

    I just wanted to extend my appreciation for the hard work and thorough research that went into your book and continual efforts to update this blog. It has provided a foundational understanding for the context of my own creative practice and now my research.

    It is unfortunate that this history is not taught to students. It is rich and complex and really worth knowing, especially for artists to appreciate the advocacy that came before them.

    In appreciation,


    • Hi Natalie,
      Very many thanks for your feedback and for letting me know the value of book and blog to your own studies. I do appreciate your comments. Yes, I’ve always thought, too, that these stories should be so much better known. Your own efforts to share and promote them are very helpful. All the best with your studies. I’ll be glad to keep in touch.


  3. Hi Katherine
    Thanks for the heads up about the book was able to get my hands on the book on Tuesday – showing by Urban Growth. Just wondering you know of how to access an electronic copy which I can share amongst the network. [Mind bogging the information which has been gathered in such as short-time]. Urban Growth are yet to realise the significants of the site. Saying that two million people visit Parramatta Park. I said that there is the potential of that many visitors visiting Fleet Heritage Precinct if it is appropriately restored the particular fellow had difficult in grasping that statement.
    One aspect – fellow NPRAG member raised was the potential Green House emission such a development could impact locally – climate variation etc.


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