Get your own copy of George Basha’s CONVICT

1979493_10152047342291395_1452095453_n[1]George Basha has announced that his film CONVICT will be releasing on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital on April 9th at all JB-HI FI and SANITY stores. Convict met with such success on its release in January at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, that the season was extended twice.

As independent film makers and actors, this is George’s second venture with co-director David Field.

If you saw Convict and loved it, this is your chance to have a copy of your own. If you missed it in the theatre, this is your chance to to see the local talent it embraced and their brilliant use of Parramatta Gaol as a setting.


CONVICT packs a powerful punch

Congratulations to George Basha and David Field, co-directors and lead actors, on their latest film Convict. Written and developed with passion and sincerity, Convict¬† has an underlying message that is clearly antiviolence. It also appeals for understanding of the traumas and dilemmas faced by an Australian born soldier fighting an enemy in a country akin to his family’s homeland. I admired¬†The Combination and now Convict made primarily in the old Parramatta Gaol and which I saw January 22. With a strong cast Convict is high energy and makes fantastic use of the gaol’s grim setting. It has, however, a cartoonish quality in its repetitive violent imagery and script. George knows his audience and they responded enthusiastically.¬†Riverside has twice extended the season, but with a more nuanced approach, George deserves to reach a wider audience.